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The Gutters Need Help! Poker Night Fundraiser

If you've walked along the side of KPP, you will have noticed that our gutters are in desperate need of repair. There are holes and other issues that are causing water-related issues to the building. Let's get this fixed ASAP!!


Based on estimates, it will cost approx. $200 in materials. Board member, Vincent Szilagyi, has volunteered to install, and other members to join in to help. Labor is donated, but, we need money for materials...


To raise the gutter fix funds, KPP is hosting a Guys Poker Night fundraiser event on June 4th starting at 8pm.

$20 Buy-in. Unlimited re-buys. BYOB; snacks provided. RSVP today!

*Proceeds go directly to purchasing materials to complete gutter fixes. Any additional will go to other needed fixes including a spot in the roof.

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Unknown member
Jun 01, 2022

Am I the only one interested in a Co-Ed poker night?

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