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Tax Exempt?!? Here is our status....

Last year, Kings Point Recreation Club Inc. (a registered Colorado nonprofit since 1978), and our amazing community members voted to amend the Bylaws. This vote was pivotal for our application to achieve property tax exemption status.


Without property tax exemption, our little volunteer-run nonprofit will likely need to close its doors after over 50+ years of operation! The property taxes have simply become too high to remain open (250% increase last year alone with additional increases in 2023). The Bylaws amendments were approved by over 95% community vote majority have allowed us to ensure we are a viable candidate for State of Colorado approval for property tax exemption.

The overwhelming support for KPP shows us the value it is to the community, bringing people together with a variety of activities year-round and summer swimming. Thank you!


Our case is pending with the State of Colorado, Division of Taxation Exemption, and still is awaiting ruling as of 5/2/23. We have been assigned an examiner for our case very recently and have been keeping tabs on the status closely, as we know the result will impact the future of this amazing nonprofit.


We have opened up the season business as usual, and with the assumption that we will gain exemption. Please continue to be an important part of KPP, attend our fun events, buy a pass to the pool for the summer, and volunteer ... just as we have for the past many decades!! IF by chance we are declined, we will hold an emergency board & community meeting to determine the steps for 2024 and beyond, but please note that nothing will change for the 2023 year regardless!

We will continue to update the website and communications as we learn more.

Please always feel free to reach out to the Board of Directors at or call Casey Batt directly at 303 570-7406 with any questions. We pride ourselves on transparency and are excited to continue KPP into the future!

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