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Snack at the KPP Ray Café!

The Ray Café is KPP’s own snack bar at the pool. We sell a wide variety of snacks, treats, ice cream, and drinks. We’re also excited to announce some new items this summer! We’re popping popcorn in our popcorn machine and grilling hot dogs.


Items typically run between $.25 to $3. There are three ways to buy snacks...

1. Pay CASH per purchase.

2. Buy a PUNCH CARD!

  • Give yourself an easier way to pay, so you don’t have to remember to bring money.

  • Purchase a $10 punch card from the Ray Café. Each card is $10 worth of punch credit for your family to use.

  • Punch cards are kept and managed by those running the café, so there is no risk of losing or forgetting it.

  • You can buy a punch card at the café when it is open with cash, check, PayPal* or credit card** (*PayPal includes a $1 fee. **Credit Card includes a $.29 fee and can only be used when the snack bar is open and is subject to Board Member being available for the purchase).

3. Mini Snack Bar

  • The Mini Snack Bar is open when the Ray Café is not staffed, and it is stocked regularly. It is available on the honor system for purchases. This is when your punch card is really handy! If buying with cash at the mini snack bar, there is no change provided.


The Ray Café relies upon volunteers from our KPP community to run the snack bar. It is a great experience for younger pool members to practice responsibility while interacting with the other KPP members. Volunteers must be at least 10 years old. We will gladly train teens and adults to volunteer as well! The more volunteers, the more frequently we can open the snack bar for everyone.

Join a snack bar training session on Thursday, June 15 at 12pm and Friday, June 16 at 10am. If you need to schedule a different training time, please contact Bobbi via email at


We LOVE donations to the Ray Café! Donation ideas include: sodas, popsicles, ice cream sandwiches, candy, cookies, chips, etc. Please email Bobbi at to donate.


As a volunteer-run not for profit, the Ray Café Snack Bar is also an important source of fundraising to keep KPP up and running. When you purchase from the Ray Café, not only do you get to enjoy a tasty treat, but you can also feel good about your purchase supporting our KPP community.


Please reach out to our awesome snack bar operations coordinator, Bobbi

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