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Updated: May 2

Did you know that we clean, scrape, plaster patch, and PAINT the pool surface every year??? WE DO! This is part of our annual process to prep the pool for prior to filling & heating for OPENING DAY.


Saturday May 6th is a volunteer day, when we will be doing clean-up and prep of the grounds & building, AND painting the pool surface. It is vital that painting is completed this weekend in order to stay on track for opening day.

HELP by joining the painting efforts. Donate an hour of your time on this Saturday, May 6th! Sign up here or contact Amber who is organizing the volunteer efforts.

To Do:

- Paint pool (primary focus)

- Move flagstone to kids area

- Weed North flower bed

- Weed West fence

- Rake/blow & bag leaves

- Rake & fertilize gardens

- Drill holes in railroad ties

- Install rebar in railroad ties

- Rake/sweep parking lot

To Donate:

- Paint rollers (x2 packs)

- Paint brushes (x2 packs)

- 12in paint trays

- Asphalt filler (x10 bags)

- Flagstone sand filler (x10 bags)

- Soil for pots/garden (x15 bags)

- Flowers for pots/gardens

- Electric power washer (Borrow)

OR...Make a donation here for the materials

Can't paint on Saturday but still want to help? Contact Amber to set up a time that suits or see below for other ways to help!


Also consider supporting the beautification efforts by donating a plant or stop by to help weed removal. All time and efforts are needed for this volunteer run and operated nonprofit.

Thank you!

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