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It's Heating Up! Refer a Friend and SAVE

The temperatures are starting to break record highs already. It is going to be HOT this summer with many days June days in the 90s! Where will you be when the sun is blazing down? Escape to Kings Point Pool, and cool off in the pool water.

I'm personally not a fan of air conditioning, and would much prefer cooling off in the pool!


Don't keep KPP a secret... invite your friends and neighbors to join the fun and become members.


For each membership that signs up for the 2022 season that you refer, you will receive $50 off of your 2023 season membership dues! The more you refer, the more you save.

*To ensure you get credit, the new members will need to include your name in their registration form as part of the "Where did you hear about KPP" question.

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