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PARTY TIME: Book your Graduation, Father's Day, Birthdays and Summer Parties!

Summer is synonymous with pool parties...parties are already starting to book for this summer at KPP! PARTIES & RENTALS | Kings Point Pool

Don't miss your chance to host your event at Kings Point Recreation Club and have a fun beating the heat with a pool party!


Last year, my oldest daughter turned 6. Her main birthday party request was to have a pool party at KPP (and to have brownies instead of cake). I made both of those come true :)

All of her school & neighbor friends joined for birthday celebration at KPP on a beautiful summer Saturday morning! We ordered Big Daddy's Pizza and I made brownie sundaes, and let the kids splash around like crazy. They loved it so much that my daughter asked for her 7th birthday party to be at KPP again. I already have submitted my party rental request and look forward to more fun memories.

--- Casey Batt


Simply visit our PARTIES & RENTALS | Kings Point Pool page for more information and to submit your rental request.

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