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4th of July at KPP: Stars, Stripes, and Swimming

At KPP, we love celebrating Independence Day together! Read the schedule of events and details, and get your red, white & blue outfits ready.


Here is the quick view, but read further below for more details.

  • 10am Stars & Stripes Parade -- decorate your bikes, scooters, wagons, or whatever, and get ready to make some noise

  • Pool opens after parade

  • 12pm BBQ + Potluck lunch -- HOT DOGS AND BURGERS provided by KPP; bring your favorite summer side or treat to share

  • 12-4pm Jellyfish Junction Snack Bar open -- Sodas, ice cream treats, and candy available for purchase.

  • GAMES! We are looking for people who want to run a cornhole or volleyball tournament! Please email if you are interested in volunteering to organize these or other games.


If you haven't been a part of a KPP July 4th celebration, you don't want to miss out. Our amazing KPP community gathers for this fun schedule of events and to enjoy some pool- time.

Seating can get hard to find, so come early or consider bringing your camping chairs. Feel free to bring your canopy tents for extra shade!

10am Stars & Stripes Parade

  • Time: we start at 10am sharp! Be there early.

  • Parade Route: As always, it will be short and sweet around the block a few times, and friendly for all ages.

  • Get Festive: Decorate your bikes, scooters, wagons, yourself...or whatever. Make some noise. If you aren't riding a bike, create a noise maker ... We want the neighborhood to know how much we love our country.

Pool opens after parade!

  • As part of the day's celebration, we will open the pool early! YAY! More fun for all! The KPP pool will be open for swim once the Stars & Stripes Parade is concluded.

12pm BBQ + Potluck lunch

  • BBQ: Hot dogs & burgers provided by KPP, paid in part by the City of Centennial Community Engagement Grant. Vegetarian and GF options will be available.

  • Potluck: Bring your favorite summer sides & desserts to share

  • Volunteer: to be a grill master opportunities for clean-up available


The Jellyfish Junction Snack Bar Open

  • Drinks, ice cream treats, and candy will be available for purchase.

  • Jellyfish Junction open from 12 - 4pm on July 4th.


Holiday celebration prep & clean up is a great way to get in some of your volunteer hours! Decorate the night before, be a grill-master during the event, be on trash/recycle duty, event clean-up.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY U.S.A! See you all there!

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