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Welcome to the RAY CAFE!

This season, the KPP snack bar has been transformed by Solange Dessoulavy (13 years old pool member) into the RAY CAFE.

Concept and artwork 100% from her artistic imagination! When coming up with a theme for the snack bar, Solange thought about her experience at the beach on a family vacation last year; the rays from the sun and the stingrays in the water were her inspiration.


With a wide variety of snacks, treats and drinks, the RAY CAFE opened on May 26th, and has kids adults lined up! This year there are new items, with more on the way. Check us out!

LUCKY GOODIE BAG: The RAY CAFE now has $2 and 3$ Lucky Goodie Bags for sale, which include a fun mix of snacks plus a special little surprise.


Items run between $.50 to $3. There are a couple ways to buy snacks...

  1. CASH per item

  2. PUNCH CARD! This is an easier way for parents, if you don't want to have cash on hand every day. Purchase a punch card from the RAY CAFE, which has $10 worth of punch credit for your family to use up. Punch cards are kept and managed by those running the cafe, so no risk of losing or forgetting it. Pay for punch cards at the cafe with cash, check, or online (online payments have a $1 processing fee).


The RAY CAFE is looking for volunteers to run the snack bar. It is a great experience for young pool members to practice responsibility while interacting with the other KPP members.

Sign up sheet is on the fridge in the cafe area, and training sessions will happen starting this week (June 1 pending weather). New volunteers will also be mentored by our more seasoned helpers :)

*Must be 10 years old.

**All hours volunteered goes toward the household required 6hrs of volunteer time


Please reach out to our lovely snack bar operations coordinator, Bobbi

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