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KPP 2022 Season Planning & New Board Members

We are excited for the upcoming 2022 Kings Point Pool season. Planning is far underway for opening procedures, plastering & painting the pool, property clean-up, event planning, property improvements and much more.

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The volunteer board was voted in during the February Annual Member Meeting. We are all ready for the huge task of managing the operations of the pool, and proudly helping to create a fun and safe environment for our community to gather, celebrate, and SWIM!

Meet Your Board

Casey Batt


We have lived in this amazing neighborhood since 2017. We love it! I'm skilled at data analysis and risk mitigation. Useless strange skill: I can write cursive backwards like da Vinci (“mirror writing”).

I'm most excited to sneak in laps between work meetings and I can't wait to see the smiles on my daughters' faces as they play in the pool!


Amber Smith

Vice President

We feel so lucky to have moved into the neighborhood in July 2020! I consider myself to be skilled at strategy and burning toast in the oven.

I'm excited to see everyone this summer, have a great time and do what I can to help make this pool year the best yet for all the families and members!


Janelle Elmer

Treasurer and Secretary

We moved to the neighborhood 5 years ago. While I haven't mastered anything yet, I find joy in gardening/tending to & building our urban homestead. Something interesting about me: I blow off steam by training for triathlons.

I'm looking forward to meeting more of our community this summer!


Erin Peereboom

Treasurer Support - Payroll

We moved here in June 2010. I'm skilled at organizing information and designing training. Chain, half double, yarn over: If you know these terms, you might love crocheting as much as I do.

I'm looking forward to warm days and seeing other community members!


Malia Higdon

Lifeguard Coordinator

I've been a member of KPP since I was a child, and now am proudly a resident in the neighborhood and member of the board. I was even a KPP lifeguard as a teenager!


Rod Dupays

Co-Pool Maintenance

We’ve lived in the Kings Point neighborhood for 16 years. I’m a natural handyman and a pretty great cook. OUI! Je parle francais.

I’m looking forward to the warm weather, meeting new members, and catching up with everyone.

Jeremy Barton

Pool Maintenance

We’ve lived in this area since August 2008. I'm skilled at landscaping and basic mechanical work.

Beware: I'm pretty good at most yard games. Game on!

I'm looking forward to seeing how good we can get the pool looking this year.


Vince Szilagyi



My wife & I have lived in Kings Point for 1 ½ years. Fun facts: I speak German, and I'm an excellent whistler.

I'm very excited to introduce our new baby (due in April) to the water and the KPP community.


Ashlie Lund Richardson

LPS Coordinator

I’ve lived in this neighborhood for 10 years. I’m a great problem solver, which fits well with my career as a social worker. True statement: I read 175 books in 2021.

My favorite part about KPP is the community! I love taking my family to the pool after work and getting to see other families in the community. I also can’t wait for bunco ladies night to start…get the dice rollin’!


Bobbi Dessoulavy

Snack Bar

We’ve lived here since July 2010. I’m a skilled cook … or at least so says my family 😊 About me: I love singing and creating art. I can’t wait for the sunshine! The 2022 pool season can’t start soon enough.


Katharine Wells


We moved into this neighborhood in July of 2016. I'm skilled at project management. Watch out... I'm a master at Ping Pong!

I'm looking forward to hanging out with neighbors at the pool and getting to know new people.


Amy Dupays


We’ve lived here for 16 years! About me: I’m a big thinker and a hard worker who loves the outdoors. My special skill: I’m animal whisperer.

Spending time with family and friends at the pool is my favorite part of the summer!

Stephanie Barton

Co - Rentals

We moved to Kings Point in August 2008. I’m a great cook! I have a special skill for napping LOL.

I’m looking forward to warm days and sitting by the pool with friends.



Treasurer Support - Taxes

Do you have experience with business taxes?

WE NEED YOU! We are looking to have one point person responsible for tax items as a support role to the Treasurer Lead.

Contact us if you can help or if you have questions!

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