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KPP's New Look!!!

Updated: May 18, 2022

Kings Point Pool has a new logo and website! We have been working hard at refreshing our look and breathing some modern improvements into our digital life. The new brand identity is a part of the marketing strategy to raise more awareness of our amazing pool and community.

New Look... Like Botox Without The Needles

Created by Vice President, Amber Smith, our new KPP logo was voted on by the volunteer

board in March. Multiple options and color palettes were voted on, and here is our winner!

Check Out the Refreshed Website!

You are here... take a look around! We want to invite you to check out the new and improved website while staying apprised of the latest KPP news & information. Our goal is to better inform you and the neighborhood, and be a key source of news.


I want to personally thank Amber for her creativity and hard work to freshen up KPP's branding and website. A lot of hours went into all of the updates, and so I want to shout from the rooftops: THANK YOU!!!

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