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FEEL GOOD! Sweat with us on Saturday mornings...

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

30 minutes is all you need! It's an amazing way to start your weekend: sweat, tone your muscles, have fun & laugh & bond with other members, get the endorphins flowing, and feel good!


  • Join us every Saturday at 9am. ALL abilities are welcome! Bring a friend. Free for all.

  • We will hold these workouts throughout the year... so just because the pool is closed after Labor Day, we will still meet at KPP and keep our minds & bodies healthy.


Amber (the KPP Vice President) leads the crew with a power-packed workout that might include squats, lunges, jumps, core, pushups, planks, or whatever gets us going. The workouts are designed for your bodyweight, but feel free to bring weights if you want to challenge yourself further. The routine will switch up every week and keep our muscles and minds guessing, and all workouts can be modified for ability levels.

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